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Ancient Sabbats

Living with earth-centered Pagan values is not new or unusual.  Though blessed with a surplus of modern conveniences & high technology, we sometimes yearn to connect to a simpler past.  In fact, the term “pagan” comes from the Latin word for “country dweller”. 


Most people encounter Paganism today in fragments of popular culture rather than as a complete spiritual practice.  Many seasonal festivals such as Halloween, Christmas, Groundhog Day, Mardi Gras, Easter, and May Day, along with hundreds of other folk traditions, originated in ancient Paganism.  People love to celebrate these holidays, yet are unaware of the deeper meanings; reasons that hold core values for living authentically.

ASIC draws from this heritage when it comes to worship styles in Paganism and Unitarian Universalism, often creating new styles of worship. Our services, in the form of rituals or ceremonies, can be traditional, modern, or a blend of both. We encourage solitary folk, families, visitors, or those curious to learning more about Earth-centered beliefs, to attend our celebrations and even participate in their planning.  You may find that Paganism is a vibrant, valid, & vital spiritual path for your present and future.

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