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Ancient Sabbats

Download our rituals to adapt for your group or to design your own solitary ceremony, or simply to learn more about modern Pagan celebrations.

​Here are the caveats we ask you to observe for fair use:

Written materials belong to the authors who contributed their work on behalf of Ancient Sea Island Continuum and may be shared and adapted for non-commercial use as long as no additional restrictions are applied and this attribution is included in all developed materials:  "From Ancient Sea Island Continuum (".  Re-use of graphics requires permission from Ancient Sea Island Continuum. No graphic or text in our materials implies endorsement of any company’s product or services.

2012 Litha

A joint service with UUFB focusing on water rights for indigenous peoples with the first use of the thirteen wonders of ASIC.

asic 2012 litha preview.png

2012 Yule

A traditional Wiccan Yule night service that includes the meaning of the Yule log.

asic 2012 yule preview.png
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