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A Year & A Day

As part of our covenant with UUFB, ASIC created an introductory course for living with earth-centered values called ‘A Year & A Day’.  Our classes provide the essentials of modern Paganism as the foundation of a Pagan spiritual education.  ASIC’s guides combine classical and contemporary perspectives, interweaving the experiences of living in the Lowcountry and on the Sea Islands.  


During theses classes, we explore Pagan beliefs, customs, and celebrations, blending music, song, and dance.  Several of those who have completed the AYAAD course designed their own personal dedication to Pagan living and identification as their formal introduction into ASIC.

A Year & A Day

Wednesdays 8PM

1/20 ⛥ Modern Paganism ⛥ Imbolc

2/17 ⛥ Ethics & Morality ⛥ Natural Elements

3/17 ⛥ Correspondences ⛥ Blessings ⛥ Ostara

4/14 ⛥ Origins of the Sacred ⛥ Creating Sacred Space ⛥ Beltane

5/12 ⛥ Celebrating Seasons ⛥ Meanings of Magic

6/9 ⛥ Esbats ⛥ Grounding ⛥ Litha

7/7 ⛥ Tools of the Craft ⛥ Altars ⛥ Lughnasadh

8/4 ⛥ Circle Etiquette ⛥ Labyrinths

9/1 ⛥ The Process of Ritual ⛥ Music & Chants ⛥ Mabon

9/29 ⛥ Worship Encounters ⛥ Meditation

10/27 ⛥ Invocation ⛥ Spells ⛥ Samhain

11/24 ⛥ Outdoor Circles ⛥ Rites of Passage

12/22 ⛥ Divination ⛥ Self Dedication ⛥ Yule


If you have questions about the class content (or if you find a broken link), let us know. Consider joining our Facebook group by clicking the Facebook glyph at the bottom or by going to


Propose your questions and reactions to our knowledgeable and experienced members.  The answers may vary, yet the values you encounter will certainly be earth-centered.

(1) Modern Paganism

ayaad 01.png

(2) Ethics & Morality

ayaad 02 event.png

(3) Blessings & Correspondences

ayaad 03.png
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