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Lady of the Sea Islands

The emblem of Ancient Sea Island Continuum represents our connection to the cycles of life upon the Sea Islands, and to the many cultures that have lived here in relation to the natural environment.  This affinity is felt most vividly in the life cycle of spartina, the marsh cord grass that surrounds the Sea Islands. 


These grasses support an abundance of living things, converting the sun’s energy into food and structure, and as they die, they feed the shrimp and shellfish harvested in our oceans. 

Living on the Sea Islands, we connect with this cycle throughout the year, as we watch the colors of the reeds glistening green in the summertime, and in the winter, turning brown and dying, the bundles collecting and drifting out to sea. Against this direct association to the seasons, we understand on a higher level our community’s and our own individual connection to the earth.

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