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Ancient Sabbats

Download our rituals to adapt for your group or to design your own solitary ceremony, or simply to learn more about modern Pagan celebrations.

​Here are the caveats we ask you to observe for fair use:

Written materials belong to the authors who contributed their work on behalf of Ancient Sea Island Continuum and may be shared and adapted for non-commercial use as long as no additional restrictions are applied and this attribution is included in all developed materials:  "From Ancient Sea Island Continuum (".  Re-use of graphics requires permission from Ancient Sea Island Continuum. No graphic or text in our materials implies endorsement of any company’s product or services.

2013 Imbolc

Traditional Wiccan Imbolc ritual with the magic of looking through a veil at night.

asic 2013 imbolc preview.png

2013 Ostara

A beautiful outdoor rite written by one of our most gifted priestesses

asic 2013 ostara preview.png

2013 Litha

A joint service with UUFB centered around a labyrinth.

asic 2013 litha preview.png

2013 Lughnasadh

A ritual centered around a harvest feast.

asic 2013 lughnasadh preview.png

2013 Mabon

An autumnal pause with a meditation on the meaning of the pentagram

asic 2013 mabon preview.png

2013 Samhain

Dramatic evening ritual focused on holding a stone of darkness while walking through the labyrinth and then piercing the veil by gazing into a scrying mirror

asic 2013 samhain preview.png

2013 Yule

A joint service, full of music, with a microcosm of our world dynamically created by the fellowship out of clay and rose quartz.

asic 2013 yule preview.png
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